Moore, Eliza

Moore, Eliza           1876 March 4th

An inquest was held at the “Black Horse,” Castle-street, yesterday (Friday), upon the body of Eliza Moore, 65 years of age. The jury was comprised of the following : Mr G Fullford, foreman, Messrs W Wells, E Dixon, P Brown, G A Woodroffe, W Young, H Perris, G Hopkins, G Found, G Bunday, J Jerrard, H Martin and H Uphill.

James Henry Gordon, surgeon, said he was sent for at ten minutes past three this morning to see the deceased at 186, Castle-street, in the parish of St Edmund in this city. She was dead when he arrived. She was in bed, lying on her left side. There was no sign of fit or apoplexy, and his opinion was that she died from syncope, the immediate cause of which he was unable to state. He never attended her before.

Eliza Moore, the daughter of the deceased, said : My mother was 65 years of age. I saw her alive last evening at quarter past ten, when I put her to bed. She had been complaining of pains in her feet for several hours before. She has heretofore enjoyed such good health that within the last ten years she has had no medical advice. I slept in the same bed with her last night. She wished me to put out the light in order that she might go to sleep. About a quarter to three I heard a noise in her throat. I then lighted a candle and went to her side and lifted her up. I bathed her as she appeared to be fainting, but she did not rally, and died before a medical man arrived. The deceased had been weak and ailing for about three weeks which she attributed to biliousness and a cold.

The jury returned a verdict of “death from natural causes.”

The jury gave their fees to the Soup Kitchen.


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