Goulden, Herbert

Goulden, Herbert           1876 May 27th          Wilton

On Tuesday last an inquest was held in the Felt mill, Wilton, before R M Wilson, Esq., on the body of Herbert Henry Goulden, son of William and Sarah Ann Goulden, a child five years old, who was accidentally drowned in the stream near the Mill on the day above mentioned.

John Thomas Goulden, watchmaker, of Wilton, was the first witness, and said : The deceased was my grandson, and was on a visit to me. About one o’clock or a little before, we had finished dinner, and he left the table and went into the back premises. After an absence of two or three minutes we went to look for him, but could not find him. A son of mine went into the yard of the national schoolroom to search for him, and not finding him there he went to the mill, and saw him as he had been taken out of the water. The water which leads to the mill flows at the bottom of the garden. I saw an old pile by the side of the stream, which appears to have recently been broken, and the part which was broken off was on the bank by the side of the stump.

John Goulden, uncle of the deceased, said : I went to look for my nephew this afternoon. I went to the mill, and when I got there I found him lying on a table in the factory, and Dr Good was in attendance.

Henry Brown, a factory hand, of Ditchampton, said : I was at work at the Felt Factory at Wilton this afternoon, about seven minutes to one. I was at the side of the stream, and saw the body of the child floating down the water. With the assistance of a friend I succeeded in getting it to land. It was the body of a boy (Mr Goulden’s grandson) and appeared quite dead. Dr Good was sent for, and was on the spot almost immediately. I went to the water to wash my hands.

Joseph Good, surgeon, of Wilton, said : I was sent for a few minutes before one, and came to the Felt Factory. I saw, in the room where the jury now are, the body of a boy, whom I recognised as Mr Goulden’s grandson, and he appeared to have been dead some little time. His clothes were saturated with wet. I did everything in my power to resuscitate the child, but he never showed the slightest sign of reanimation. The body had the appearance of that of a child who had been drowned. There were no marks whatever of external injury.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidentally drowned.”


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