Gough, infant

Gough, infant              1876 September 9th

On Wednesday morning last, an inquest was held before the City Coroner, Mr G Smith, at 43, Eton Terrace, Wilton Road, on the body of a male child, unnamed, son of Francis Cecil Gough and Caroline Clementina Gough, who died on the previous morning from convulsions.

The Coroner made a few opening remarks, and the first witness called was Frederick Fawson Lee, who said he was a medical man practising in Salisbury, and attended Mrs Gough in her confinement and subsequently. To the best of his recollection the child was born on the 18th of August, and was healthy when born. It went on very well up till he last saw it, but when called in on Tuesday morning about 8 o’clock it was quite dead, and from an examination of the body which he had made his opinion was that it must have died in a fit of convulsions.

Matilda Belbin said she attended Mrs Gough as nurse during her confinement and also since. The child was born on the 18th August, and appeared to be healthy when born, continuing so up till Monday night, when it seemed to be drawn with pains, and she was about with it nearly the whole of the night. It died in bed on her arm between six and seven o’clock the following morning, rather suddenly, but when it was ill in the night she had no thought of its dying.

The jury returned a verdict of “Death from natural causes.”


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