England, Silas

England, Silas       1876 June 10th         Laverstock

On Monday afternoon last an inquest was held at the Infirmary, before the City Coroner, Mr G Smith, on the body of Silas Henry England, who died on Saturday last from the effects of hemorrhage.

Moses Biggs, house surgeon of the Infirmary, stated that the deceased was brought into the Infirmary about nine o’clock on Saturday night, and upon examining him whilst in the fly in which he was brought he found him quite dead. He was then taken into the Infirmary and examined again, and witness’s opinion was that death was due to hemorrhage from diseased lungs, judging from the blood which ran from his nose and mouth. Walking from Laverstock to Salisbury in the state in which deceased was might have caused hemorrhage.

Henry Diaper, a brewer living at Laverstock, said about half past eight on Saturday night last he was on his way from Salisbury to Laverstock, and when opposite the Pound on Milford Hill he saw the deceased, standing, and found upon reaching him that he was throwing up blood. In reply to his inquiry as to what was the matter he said he should be better in a minute or two, and sat on the ground. Witness assisted him to the best of his ability, but he still continued to vomit blood. A gentleman came by, and went for a cab, which shortly afterwards arrived, and they then placed him in it, and he was taken to the Infirmary.

George England, 14, brother of the deceased, said he was with him on Saturday evening. He had been to Salisbury, and as he was returning to Laverstock he met the deceased coming into Salisbury. They met at the top of Milford Hill, and upon his asking him whether he should return to Salisbury with him he said “yes.” They came into Salisbury, and on their return, when about half way up Milford Hill he threw up a quantity of blood. Henry Diaper came up and assisted while they were standing there and a gentleman who was passing fetched a cab, and placed his brother in it. Witness then went home. Deceased was, he believed, 26 years of age, and had been ill nearly six months.

Verdict – “Visitation of God.”


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