Elliott, Edith

Elliott, Edith             1876 October 14th

On Monday afternoon last an inquest was held at the “Plume of Feathers,” before the City Coroner, Mr G Smith, on the body of Edith Laura Elliott, a child about 2 years of age, who died on Saturday last from the effects of being scalded on the previous Thursday.

Mr Darke, surgeon, was the first witness sworn, and proved attending the deceased on Friday, when he found she had been scalded, and prescribed the necessary remedies. He again visited her on Saturday when she was much worse, and insensible. He attributed death to convulsions in consequence of the scalds.

Alfred Elliott, an apprentice to Mr Leach, grocer, Market-place, said he was the deceased’s brother, and was at home on the 5th inst., when she was scalded. At about 10 minutes to 5 he was having his tea, and the deceased was standing on a small chair close to the table. She was taking sugar out of the sugar-basin, and as she reached over the table the chair slipped, causing her to fall. In falling she tried to save herself by catching hold of the teapot, and the teapot, which was full of scalding tea, fell to the ground, and the scalding tea was thrown over her. His mother and father were both absent at the time, but he knew where his mother was, and sent for her immediately. She arrived in about ten minutes after the accident happened, and put some oil to the scald. She didn’t send for a medical man directly, but did so the next morning. Deceased was about two years of age.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”


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