Pugh, Caroline

Pugh, Caroline              1875 January 25th        Fisherton

An inquest was held at the Fisherton House Asylum yesterday morning, before Mr R A Wilson, deputy coroner for the county, relative to the death of Caroline Pugh, a pauper patient, who committed suicide on the previous day by hanging herself in a coal cellar with a calico bandage tied to a brass crook fixed in the ceiling.

It appeared from the evidence of Dr Finch and the attendants that the deceased, who had been in the asylum nearly two months, and become considerably better since her arrival there, had been lately removed into the Convalescent Ward, and was allowed to walk about between the sitting room and the sleeping apartments. The medical attendant had seen her in the morning, and he and the ordinary attendant had never observed any suicidal tendencies in her since she had been under their care. She however, managed to elude their vigilance for a short time, and on her not appearing at tea search was made, and she was found hanging, as described. When cut down life seemed to be only just extinct.

A verdict was recorded that the unfortunate woman had destroyed herself whilst in a state of insanity.


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