Pickford, Elizabeth

Pickford, Elizabeth        1875 March 12th          Fisherton

On Saturday afternoon last an inquest was held by Mr G Smith, the City Coroner, at the Fisherton House Asylum, relative to the death of a pauper inmate aged 55, named Elizabeth Pickford, who, early on the morning of that day had been found dead in her bed.

Dr C Finch, one of the proprietors of the Asylum, said the deceased came from Bath, was a pauper patient, and was admitted on the 19th of April, 1872. She was a domestic servant and a single woman. Her malady was epilepsy, and she was put into the ward set specially apart for such patients. On the morning of that day (Saturday) she was found dead in bed. She was subject to fits, and she had had one doubtless which caused her death.

Matilda Thompson, a night nurse, said she was in attendance upon the deceased and others. About a quarter to five o’clock that morning she saw her, and she was then apparently quite comfortable. Some time after that witness saw her dead, there being foam on her lips. She often had fits, and when she had them she did not make a noise as some did. Witness waited in a room adjoining that in which deceased lay, and must have heard her if she had made a noise.

Jane Staples, night nurse, said she was on duty the preceding night, and was in attendance upon the deceased. She saw her at four o’clock in the morning, when she got out of bed and seemed quite well. At a quarter past six witness saw her again and then there was a quantity of foam on her mouth and she was dead. She had evidently had an epileptic fit. The last witness was called at once, and she called Mrs Day, the head nurse, who sent for Mr Horn, one of the resident medical men. The latter came immediately.

Mr Thomas Horne, a resident medical officer, said he was called to the deceased at a quarter past six. He found her lying in bed and she was then just dead. There was a quantity of bloody froth upon her mouth, and her hands were clenched and her fingers pressed into the palms, showing that there had been epileptic convulsions.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.


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