Macey, James

Macey, James         1875 October 11th         Stapleford

The Coroner, Mr G Smith, held an inquest at the Council House on Wednesday morning on the body of James Macey, aged 58, who died on Tuesday morning from injuries received under circumstances detailed in the subjoined evidence.

Dr Gordon said : I was called about two o’clock yesterday morning to go to the house of George Trebbeck in Milford-street and there I found the old man lying on the floor in an insensible state, evidently suffering from compression of the brain. Blood had been running from his ears and nostrils, and there were external marks of injury on the back of his head. Those marks would be likely to have been caused by a fall or some heavy body falling on him. It is exceedingly likely there is a fracture of the base of the skull. I attended a second time yesterday morning at ten o’clock, and he was then living; I have not seen him since. The injuries were quite sufficient to cause death.

Caroline Macey, the widow, said the deceased was 58 years old last birthday. On Monday we had been to the fair at Yarnborough Castle and on returning, we had with us George Trebeck and his wife, and a boy in charge of the horse. My husband was driving because he knew the road well. At about quarter past seven it was very dark, there being a bank of trees on each side. We were going slowly down hill, rather keeping on one side, when, about a mile and a half from the fair, the horse stumbled over a heap of dirt and fell. The wagon turned over on its side and we were all thrown out.

I was hurt, so was Mrs Trebbeck, and when we recovered ourselves I found my husband in the road, and as the horse was stirring we dragged him across to the other side and placed him against a bank, and then did the same with Trebbeck. The boy fell out the other side on some grass. I then went to a gentleman’s house and he brought out a light and accompanied me back, bringing with him some brandy and water which he gave my husband. He then went and fetched a man and when they returned, the boy having got the horse up, the wagon was set right. My husband was then lifted in and we reached home between one and two in the morning.

By the jury : The horse was walking. I don’t know the name of the gentleman.

By the Coroner : My husband was insensible and continued so. He muttered something but nothing that could be understood. Directly I got home I sent for Dr Gordon. My husband died about 12 o’clock yesterday.

The Coroner said Mr Tribbeck was in attendance as well as the boy and he asked the jury whether they required any further evidence as the facts seemed to be very plain.

The jury intimated that they did not, and a verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned.


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