Lugg, George

Lugg, George       1875 April 12th

An inquest was held at the Barley Mow Inn, Green-Croft Street, before G Smith, Esq., the city coroner, on the body of George Lugg, an hostler at the Three Swans Hotel, Salisbury, who was found dead in his bed by,

Frank Ford, a gas-fitter, living in Green-croft-street, said he saw the deceased about a quarter to twelve on Monday night. Deceased had told him that he was a hostler at the Three Swans Hotel, and had been very ill for the last three or four days. Witness slept in the same room as the deceased but not in the same bed. For the last two or three days witness had had scarcely any rest, until Monday night, when he was not disturbed. Previous to going to bed on Monday night he said to deceased, “I hope I shall be able to sleep to-night, for I have not had any rest for the last night or two.” Deceased replied, “Yes, Frank, I know its owing to me, and I am sorry I disturb you so, but I think I shall be able to sleep to-night, for I have taken a soothing powder, and I hope you will be able to sleep.”

Witness got up the next morning at about ten minutes to eight and spoke to the deceased, but receiving no answer he went to him and touched him, when he found him cold. Witness thought he was dead and felt startled, but went down stairs and said, “Missus! Go up and look at George and see how he is.” The landlady then went upstairs. When she came down she said, “He’s gone, go for Dr Gordon,” and he went for him. Deceased had been lodging at the same place as witness for the last two or three weeks and had told him that he thought he would one day fall dead in the street.

Henry Lugg said he was a sawyer, and lived in the parish of Abbot’s-Ann. He identified the body of the deceased as being that of his brother, who was 44 years of age last birthday. Witness last saw him alive two years ago last Christmas. Tuesday night he received a telegram from Romsey, in consequence of which he came to Salisbury, where he found his brother dead. Deceased had always enjoyed very good health until the “March past” at Salisbury, when he hurt his leg.

Dr Gordon said deceased came to him on Monday night about seven o’clock. He looked very ill and appeared to have great difficulty in breathing. Witness gave him some medicine. He saw him the next morning about twenty-five minutes past eight. He was then quite dead. Witness believed he died from heart disease. Difficulty in breath, and the other symptoms noticed would be the result of diseased heart.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.


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