Hobbs, Charles

Hobbs, Charles        1875 July 31st       Laverstock

On Wednesday morning Mr G Smith, coroner, held an inquest at the Salisbury Infirmary, on the body of Charles Hobbs, 38, who met with his death on Tuesday afternoon under circumstances detailed in the subjoined evidence.

Mr Biggs, house surgeon, said the deceased was brought to the Infirmary on Tuesday afternoon about four o’clock. He had a fracture of the right arm, collar bone, and all the ribs on the right side; he was also much bruised about the back. He only lived about five minutes after his admission.

Enos Gray, 60, Culver-street, brick-layer, said the deceased was in his employ, and on Tuesday he was drawing bricks from Mr Thornton’s yard in Castle-street to a farm at Laverstock. It was about half past three o’clock as they passed the Market-place. He accompanied him a part of the way and the deceased had nearly a hundred of bricks in a cart drawn by a donkey. He drove on, and witness followed him down the hill. There is a bend in the hill and he only lost sight of him two or three minutes. He, however, saw the accident about forty or fifty yards off, and then ran towards him. The deceased’s little girl was riding on the top of the bricks, and she was thrown out but not at all hurt.

The cart came in contact with the brickwork of the bridge, and the off wheel was broken. He supposed he was running down the hill, and looking round to see if the child was all right, he was caught by the wheel against the wall, having miscalculated his distance from it. Both shafts were broken but none of the bricks were shifted. When he came to him he was standing against the wall, and he said to him, “This is a bad job, Charles,” and he replied, “Yes, it is,” and he never spoke after. Witness procured a cart and had him conveyed to the Infirmary at once. The cart was not overloaded, there being only five hundredweight in it.

Charles Jarvis, labourer, gave corroborative evidence.

John Hobbs, brother to the deceased, was called to identify the body, and stated that the deceased was 38 years old.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.


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