Dewey, Henry

Dewey, Henry           1875 April 12th

An inquest was held at the Barley Mow Inn, Green-Croft Street, before G Smith, Esq., the city coroner, touching the death of Henry Dewey, who was found dead in his room in Endless-street, on Tuesday last.

The first witness was John Burt, who said he was a gardener, and lived at No 6, Spring Place, Endless-street, next door to the deceased. He last saw him alive on the Friday or the Saturday of last week. On Tuesday about half past two in the afternoon, his wife went into the deceased’s house to take a voting paper which had been left at their house for him, and came back almost directly saying deceased was lying on the floor. Witness then went on, and found the deceased lying on his left side, dead. He then went to the police station and a constable came back with him.

Eliza Dewey said she had seen the body of the deceased and identified it as that of her father. He was 57 years of age and she had always thought he had a very strong constitution, but she had not lived with him for the last ten months and was not with him when he died. She was sent for about half past two on Tuesday afternoon and found him in the position described by the last witness, and quite dead.

By a juror : I never visited my father because there was ill-feeling between us.

Dr Gordon said on Tuesday afternoon, about half past two, he was called in by the police to see the deceased, whom he found lying on the floor by a chair quite dead. His head was resting on his left hand and from the general appearance of the body he had died naturally.

The jury returned a verdict that the deceased died from natural causes.


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