Jasper, Mary

Jasper, Mary        1874 August 1st

An inquest was held on Tuesday evening last, at the Crystal Fountain Inn, in this city, before Dr Young, city coroner, and a jury, touching the death of Mary Jane Jasper.

James Jasper, husband of the deceased, deposed that he was a labourer, and had been married to the deceased about five weeks, having, however, previously lived together as man and wife for several years. He last saw her about two o’clock on the day she died. He was an invalid himself, and she got her living by washing, and farmwork. She was at work the day before, and complained of pains in the chest. She was obliged to leave work on several occasions. He had had no medical advice for her. She was assisted home on the evening of the previous day, by his mother and himself. It was with great difficulty they got her home.

She continued very ill during the night, but still he had no medical assistance. In the morning he got up, and made her some tea, and she afterwards had some food which was sent her by Mrs Ewer, but of which she ate but very little. Still he did not send for a doctor, as he thought she was not sufficiently ill to be in a dangerous state. About two o’clock that afternoon he went down the street for a little time, and on coming back, and sending a neighbour’s child upstairs, he found she was dead.

They had applied to the relieving officer, but he could do nothing for them unless they went into the house. She had been sent to Devizes gaol some time since, and according to his belief, that had broken up her health. He had been in bad health himself, and was allowed 2s 6d per week by the parish, until he was married, when it was discontinued.

Eliza Jasper said she was a married woman, living on Milford Hill. She knew the deceased, as she was her son’s wife. She saw her about twelve o’clock that same day, when she complained of pains in her chest and heart. Witness put on a mustard plaister in order to give her some relief. Witness helped her home the day before. She had complained for months of these pains in her chest. Witness did not think her seriously ill. She had been in great want, getting only 4s 6d a week, which was all they had between them to live on, and they paid, as rent of the house they lived in, 2s 3d a week.

The jury returned a verdict to the effect that the deceased died from natural causes; to wit, disease of the heart, death being accelerated by want of sufficient food and nourishment. The jury desired to express their opinion that when applications were made to the relieving officer, he should have power to send for a medical man, to inquire into the circumstances of special cases.

FreeBMD gives her age as 30 – Ed.


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