Vincent, Charles

Vincent, Charles             1869 May 1st            Hindon

An inquest was held by Mr R M Wilson, on the 28th inst., in the parish of Hindon, on the body of Charles Vincent, a farmer of Semley, aged 36 years.

It appeared from the evidence that on the previous day, the deceased was in company with two others riding home from Fonthill. The deceased was a little way behind the others, and on their turning round, they found he had fallen from his horse. They turned back and lifted him up and one of them went immediately for Mr Young, surgeon, of Hindon, but life was quite extinct when he arrived. Mr Young attributed death to one of two causes, either that in a state of insensibility the blood which was flowing profusely got into the wind pipe and suffocated him, or that from the violence of a rick and the shock of the fall one of the vertebrae of the neck was dislocated, which would cause instantaneous death. Verdict – Accidental Death.


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