Saunders, Henry

Saunders, Henry         1869 March 27th            West Grimstead

Last week an inquest was held, before R M Wilson, Esq., on the body of Henry Saunders, a dealer, 45 years of age. The deceased had been to Salisbury to buy some pigs, and his son accompanied him in a cart. In the evening, the son returned with the pigs, without his father, and a woman named Selina Gait went to seek for him.

She found him in his cart on the Salisbury side of Alderbury, and he was evidently the worse for drink. He persisted, however, in going in to the Green Dragon to have some more beer. Witness was afterwards driving him home, when after getting out on the road he missed his seat, and fell over the back of the cart into the road. Witness got out, and drew him away from the cart. His head was quite purple at first, but it regained its ordinary colour after she had raised him. Several persons went to her assistance, and he was replaced in the cart, and taken home. He was sensible, and spoke several times on the way. Dr Nunn, of Whiteparish, was sent for, but the poor fellow was dead before the doctor arrived. He lived an hour after getting home, and about ten minutes before his death, he said he was going to die. Dr Nunn found that the deceased’s neck had been dislocated.

A verdict of “Accidental Death” was returned by the jury.


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