Miller, William

Miller, William           1869 March 13th

An inquest was held by R M Wilson, Esq., at the Infirmary on Monday, the 8th inst., on the body of William Miller, aged 20 years, a carter in the employ of Mr John Read, of New Court.

On Friday the 26th ult., the deceased and another carter were in charge of a waggon drawn by three horses, and laden with dairy utensils, the rumbling of which is supposed to have startled the horses, causing them to run away. Deceased endeavoured to stop them by catching hold of the hinder horse, but he fell and the horse and near wheels of the waggon went over him.

Mr Caesar, surgeon, of Downton, was sent for, and he recommended that he should be taken to the Infirmary, which was done. It was found that the left leg was broken and the other much lacerated and bruised. Mortification of the left leg set in soon after, and extended up to the thigh, from the effects of which the poor fellow died on Saturday. Under the circumstances it was found impossible to resort to amputation. Verdict – Accidental Death.


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