Best, Ann

Best, Ann           1869 May 1st            Tisbury

An inquest was held by Mr R M Wilson, on Friday, on the body of Ann Best, aged 18 years.

The deceased was employed on the 23rd inst., at Pythouse Farm, untying wheat sheaves to supply a steam threshing machine. As she was turning round she caught hold of a hurdle which gave way, and her left foot slipped, and was drawn into the machine.

Charles Ball, who was feeding the machine, caught hold of her under the arms and prevented her being drawn further in. The strap came off and the machine stopped, and she was immediately disengaged from it, and taken home.

Mr J L Green, surgeon, was sent for, who found that she had sustained a compound comminuted fracture of the leg of the worst description. Mr Ensor, another surgeon, was also present, and it was considered that amputation of the thigh was the only possible chance of saving her life. The operation was performed, but the poor girl survived it only about two hours. Verdict – Accidental Death.


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