Raddescombe, William

Raddescombe, William      1868 September 5th        Donhead St Mary

An inquest was held by R M Wilson, Esq., on Thursday last, on the body of William Raddescombe, aged 17 years. The deceased and his brother were at work repairing an oven at the house of Absalom Harris on the morning of the 14th of August. There was a gun in the room, and the deceased took it up and looked at it and then put it down again, and his brother then took it up, and whilst his hand was on the hammer it slipped and went off, the contents lodging in the right shoulder of the deceased, who was stooping down to pick up a brick.

Mr Foot, surgeon, was sent for at once, and found the right collar bone fractured. The deceased was in a state of great exhaustion from loss of blood. He attended him daily until the 1st inst., when he died, mortification having set in. There did not appear to have been any ill-will between the deceased and his brother, and the jury were of opinion that it was a pure accident. Verdict – “Accidental Death.”


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