Moxham, William

Moxham, William           1868 July 11th          Compton Chamberlayne

An inquest was held by R M Wilson, Esq., at the Salisbury Infirmary, on Tuesday last, on the body of William Moxham, aged 51 years, a labourer, of Compton Chamberlayne.

It appeared from the evidence given at the inquest, that on the 30th of May last, the deceased was engaged with some other men in a field belonging to Mr Penruddocke, and it being the first day’s mowing, they had had a little extra beer, and in the evening the deceased in sport knocked down one of the other men, who on getting up closed with him and they both fell backwards, when the deceased struck his head against some hard substance causing it to bleed profusely. He was conveyed home, and Mr Clay, surgeon, of Fovant, attended him until the 11th of June, when he recommended him to come to the Infirmary, which he did, and remained there until the day of his death, which took place on Monday last.

There was no ill-feeling existing between the deceased and the other man, and the deceased admitted that it was entirely his own fault. Mr F F Lee, house surgeon at the Infirmary, examined the head and found the bone exposed and becoming dead, but the skull was fractured. He was of opinion that death resulted from injury to the bone, frequent loss of blood, and disease of the kidneys. Verdict – Accidental death.


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