Harding, Frank

Harding, Frank       1868 August 1st         Romsey

On Monday, R Harfield, Esq., the deputy coroner, held an inquest at the Phoenix Inn, on the body of Frank Harding, aged three years and nine months, the son of William Harding, labourer, of Porter’s Bridge.

Emma Harding, the mother, said that on Saturday she was in the garden at the back of her house with the deceased, whom she left for a minute or two, and then heard him cry out. On proceeding into the high road, which led from Latimer-street to Porter’s Bridge, she saw the child with the hind wheel of a fly upon him. The vehicle was in charge of Charles Noble, whom she told to go on, and he did so. She took the child up, and a neighbour conveyed it indoors, where it remained sensible until death, which occurred at half past eleven the same night.

Charles Noble said he was driving the fly for Mr Allsopp, and was proceeding from the station into Romsey. When he got into that part of Latimer-street where the junction is from Porter’s Bridge, two children, one leading the other, and one of which was the deceased, attempted to cross the road just in front of him. He was not going more than six miles an hour. The children went directly under the carriage. He pulled up as soon as he could, but one wheel had gone over the deceased, and he looked back, and saw the hind wheel was on the body. He had not time to pull up sooner than he did. He took the gentleman who was in the fly to his home, and then returned to make inquiries about the deceased.

Mr S H Simpson, surgeon, examined the deceased. There was a bruise on the back, and on the elbows and knees. He attended him till his death, which took place at half past eleven o’clock the same evening. No doubt death arose from the shock sustained form the injuries. Verdict – Accidental Death.


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