Finch, Sarah

Finch, Sarah         1868 May 9th            Fisherton

Early on Saturday morning, Mrs Finch, relict of the late Dr Finch, died suddenly at her residence, the Hall, Fisherton. An inquest was held the same day, before R M Wilson, Esq., Coroner, when Dr Lush, son-in-law of the deceased, deposed that he was sent for about a quarter past one. On going to the house of the deceased, he found her in bed, in a dying state, supported by Miss Finch and some of the servants. She was speechless, and did not survive his coming more than five minutes. He saw her about five o’clock on the previous evening, when she appeared well and cheerful. For some years past, she had been subject to sudden attacks of difficulty of breathing, and had consulted Dr Roberts thereon.

Dr Roberts deposed that he had attended the deceased on different occasions. She was suffering from valvular disease of the heart, which terminated fatally and suddenly. He had frequently warned her against anything that might have a tendency to excite the heart’s action. He had no doubt that death was to be attributed to disease of the heart. A verdict of “Died by the Visitation of God” was accordingly returned.

FreeBMD gives Sarah Martha Finch, aged 62 -ED.


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