Blake, George

Blake, George            1868 November 21st

An inquest was held by Mr Nodder, deputy coroner, in the Council Chamber, on the body of George Blake, aged 67 years, who was found dead in his room in St Edmund’s Church-street. The deceased was an eccentric man, living in a room by himself.

Mr Winzar, who had attended him about three weeks since, stated that he was then suffering from weakness and exhaustion, and he recommended him to spend his money in nourishment rather than physic. On Friday week witness was again sent for, and found him cold and almost pulseless, and no fire in the room. Witness sent him some gruel and brandy, and next morning called and found him much better, and remonstrated with him on his mode of living, telling him that he would some day be found dead in his bed, to which deceased replied that he would not at all be surprised if he was.

He had been poorly on the day of his death, and again sent for Mr Winzar, who attended, but he was then dead. Mr Winzar attributed his death to want of nourishment and cold, and a verdict to that effect was returned. It appeared that deceased was not destitute of means, as he was possessed of a cottage at Wilton, which produced about seven shillings and sixpence per week.


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